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Our resources

We have a wide selection of resources and online publications.

Child-to-Child and Vulnerable Children

There are large numbers of vulnerable children in many countries of the world, and in many cases they are largely forgotten or ignored, but some organisations have been trying to support these children and improve their lives in various ways. This book considers how Child-to-Child activities can help vulnerable children and gives detailed instructions on a large number of activities to do with them to help improve their lives.

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Involving Children in Disaster Risk Management

Although children?s ability to identify, avoid and manage risks is rarely, if ever, recognised, let alone taken into account or developed, children can contribute a great deal to risk management, keeping themselves and other members of their families and communities safe. In this way, they can reduce the impact of disasters and other risks in their lives. However to do so, they need support and capacity building.

This manual describes a series of activities designed to be carried out with children to involve them in avoiding risks and mitigating the consequences of disasters, in order to make children1's and young people?s lives safer and better by:

  • raising awareness of the risks that children encounter in their surroundings;
  • helping children play an active role in reducing the risks and dangers in their lives;
  • helping children learn how to protect themselves.
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Child-to-Child: A Training Manual

This volume provides information and training activities for a training workshop during which participants learn how to use the Child-to-Child approach. It has been developed over years of practice using and refining this approach.

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Listening to smaller voices: using an innovative participatory tool for children affected by HIV and AIDS to assess a life skills programme

This paper details the evaluation of a Life Skills programme implemented by Family Health International (FHI 360), India. The evaluator and author, Sonal Zaveri, describes the evaluation process used to determine how the programme had changed (or not) the lives of children who were infected, orphaned, affected or vulnerable to HIV.?

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>Stories for children

Our main publications in English are listed below and can be purchased online. Reference copies of publications in other languages are held by the Trust. Contact us for details of languages available and how to obtain them.

Participatory Approach to Promoting Health in Schools - a Child-to-Child training manual

Participatory Approach to Promoting Health in Schools - a Child-to-Child training manualDesigned for teachers and health workers who wish to involve children in the development of Health Action / Health Promoting Schools, this manual presents a programme and detailed directions for organising and running workshops to train paticipants in Child-to-Child ideas and methods.

1999, 110 pp. Author: Pat Pridmore
Price: £3.50 Buy this book

Monitoring and Evaluating Children’s Participation in Health and Development

Buy this publication todayThis manual is designed for project managers to assess the quality, impact and outcomes of children’s participation programmes.  It has been field tested by Child-to-Child practitioners in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and includes a range of indicators that monitor progress at different levels of experience.   

October 2007, 82 pp, illustrated.  Author: Clare Hanbury-Leu. Price: £2.50 Buy this book

Child-to-Child, A Resource Book (3rd Edition)

Buy this publication todayThis is the latest edition of the most popular Child-to-Child publication used by practitioners in over 70 countries. It includes the original 35 activity sheets with updated health information and 9 new activity sheets on a range of topics including coping with HIV and AIDS, early childhood care and development, bird flu, diabetes and more.          

Second edition, 2007, 246 pp, illustrated. Editors: Hugh Hawes, Donna Bailey and Grazyna Bonati (eds)
Price: £8.50 Buy this book

Children for Health - Clare Hanbury-Leu (ed)

Buy this publicationThe second edition for Children for Health has now been published and includes the key messages and supporting information in the latest edition of Facts for Life (UNICEF/WHO/UNESCO/UNFPA/UNPD/UNAIDS/WFP/World Bank, 2002) as well as the framework for FRESH -Focusing Resources on Effective School Health (WHO/UNICEF/UNESCO/World Bank, 2000). The book includes examples and practical suggestions on how to implement an integrated approach to school health promotion and the provision of quality health education for children around the world.
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Child-to-Child Approaches to HIV and AIDS

Buy this publicationThis book provides information and ideas for teaching children and young adults about sexual health, HIV and AIDS. The first section focuses on sexual health and the prevention of HIV and AIDS and the second section comprises 6 activity sheets. The book can be used of training, for planning lessons and for developing a curriculum or a non-formal education programme.
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Small is Healthy - A guide to promoting health in small schools

Buy this guideIn many small schools in developing countries education is hindered by children who are ill and miss school, but absences can be reduced substantially if children are taught about health and hygiene.  This book explains how teachers in small schools can teach health effectively, with the aim of building a healthy school environment and also can spread health knowledge and skills from the school to the community. The book has a West Asia, Middle East and North Africa emphasis.
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Child-to-Child Primary Health Readers - view the full list of stories for children
Designed for school children in Africa, the 16 storybooks are graded for age and reading ability, and contain simple but powerful health messages.

The latest Primary Health Reader is Five Friends of the Sun: When Tulio the farmer steps on a land mine, there is no one to see but the Sun. The Sun calls his friends who come to drink that evening at the dam where Tulio died: the tiny kangaroo rat, the hunting dog and her pack, the high-soaring vulture, the lazy lion and the great grey elephant. This story tells how the five friends of the Sun helped Tulio's children learn to survive in a land where mines lie buried; how they spread messages about the dangers of mines and the responsibility shared by all those who use them, and how they demonstrate children's power to safeguard others, raise mine awareness and lead us towards a future free from the fear of land mines.

Stories for Health Education and Skills Development

Download the Stories

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Four titles are published in the Child-to-Child Girl Child Readers series:

  1. Two Girls and their Dreams: Education widens women's options for employment.
  2. Can Betsy Stay At School: Girls' right to education and a more equal share of work at home.
  3. To Have a Son Like You: Girls and boys should be valued equally in the family.
  4. The Path of Peace: Children can lead the way to reconciliation after conflict.

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